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Empower Your Digital Safety with Enhanced Threat Intelligence

GuardianWeb Sentry, inspired by the renowned ID Agent offerings, provides an expansive array of threat intelligence and identity monitoring solutions suitable for both private and public-sector establishments. Moreover, individuals affected by cyber incidents can leverage our expertise to secure their digital footprints.

GuardianWeb Sentry

Our tribute to ID Agent’s flagship product, Dark Web ID, is embodied in GuardianWeb Sentry, crafted meticulously to offer state-of-the-art Dark Web intelligence. Our main mission? To detect, analyze, and consistently monitor for compromised or stolen employee and customer data. By doing so, we fortify the digital identity, which is an invaluable asset for our clients.

Our Key Offerings Include:

Domain Monitoring

We employ continuous domain monitoring to promptly detect and respond to any compromised credentials, ensuring the proactive mitigation of vulnerabilities in your organization's security.

Identity & Credit Management Programs

GuardianWeb Sentry offers comprehensive protection for both organizational safety and identity and credit management solutions, benefiting your workforce and customers alike.

Integration Features of GuardianWeb Sentry:

Seamless Connection:

Our platform is designed for smooth integration with your existing cybersecurity framework, ensuring enhanced protection without the complexity.

Adaptive Alert Mechanism:

Receive real-time alerts tailored according to the severity and nature of the potential threat, ensuring you always have the upper hand in your cybersecurity strategy.

Customized Reporting:

Benefit from in-depth and customizable reports, providing insights into your digital security stance and areas of potential improvement.

Dedicated Support:

Our team of cybersecurity professionals is on standby, ready to assist with challenges, queries, or additional support needs.

Join the Future of Digital Protection

Join the future of digital protection with GuardianWeb Sentry, ensuring your organization proactively secures data and reputation.


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