Consulting Services.

We have worked on some of the largest networks in the US Air Force and many large and small customer networks across the commercial sector. While we don’t profess to know everything in technology, we certainly have a great deal of experience that we will share with you.

Additionally, we would love the opportunity to provide you with ease of mind by taking the heavyweight and making your online presence much more manageable. You will then be able to concentrate on your chosen profession.


Secure Data 247’s work with telecom services and products extends well over 20 years. We have sold and worked on premise-based PBX-type systems, hosted VOIP lines, PBX products, and everything else you can imagine. 

We will provide you with the right solution at the right price, with unparalleled reliability and responsive service. Our plan will be the right plan, the right fit for your company. We use a vetted list of partners that we will work with to meet your company’s needs.


We have extensive experience working with cloud-based systems and integrating small and large customer needs with the right service. We have some services that we offer direct, such as Storage and Email and Business collaboration services. 

Additional services come from our relationships with the best companies in technology and will be the correct fit for you.

Our Other Services
When we say we have partnered, trust us, you are our customer, and we will not be turning you over to our partners. We will, however, facilitate and manage the services our partners provide to you and be your one point of contact for your company’s needs.



Data Protection Guide

Guide for Protecting Company data