Cloud Services.
File Sharing

Our cloud file sharing solution is personalized and gives you the tools needed to reach your aspirations. Whether your solution is onsite or in the cloud, we will design it to meet your company’s needs.

Using our data management service, you will have immediate and easy access to all of your information using your desktop, laptop, mobile device, and web browser.

Email & Collaboration Solutions

Collaborating using email, word processing applications, spreadsheets, and other methods is vital to business and personal success. We have solutions for writing, reading, and managing your digital workflows and processes.

Backup Services
Our cloud-centric backup solution is designed to ensure availability and provide a safe harbor for archiving and data protection. We can cover physical and virtual servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, etc. In addition, our backup solutions include malware and ransomware detection, preventing loss of your data, and providing immediate restores should they be necessary.
Compliance Services

Have critical information that needs extra security from eyes outside of your company? We have that solution covered. HIPPA, SOC II, and compliance are part of managing and securing your data.

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Our Other Services

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Data Protection Guide

Guide for Protecting Company data